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John Amos again shuts down neglect allegations, this time amid LAPD investigation

Nardine Saad and Christi Carras – Los Angeles Times (TNS)

The daughter of TV star John Amos is still issuing a dueling claim about the care of her father and an investigation into those allegations has been opened by the Los Angeles Police Department.

However, the 84-year-old star of “Good Times” and the seminal “Roots” miniseries has denied recent reports and allegations made by daughter Shannon Amos, who has for months accused her brother Kelly “K.C.” Amos of neglect and not providing proper care for their father — claims that father and son have disagreed with.

Through his longtime spokesperson, the actor told The Times on Monday that he is “feeling well and working diligently on various projects,” including a docuseries that he and his son are producing, as well as a music release.

“I’d like to add that everywhere we go together, people refer to my son K.C. as my twin. I’m proud of him for who he is as a person: a caring, thoughtful human being who respects me and I him,” said the statement, which was first obtained by People.

“Now, I will say this for now: This story about neglect is false and unmerited,” the statement continued. “The real truth will come out soon and you will hear it from me. Believe it.”

On Monday, the LAPD confirmed to The Times that an elder abuse report was generated on Feb. 8, and that there was an “open and ongoing investigation” into the matter.

K.C. and Shannon Amos are the “Coming to America” actor’s children with ex-wife Noel J. Mickelson. Last summer, Shannon Amos claimed on Instagram that John Amos was “a victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation” and said that her father was in the hospital, his life “hanging by a thread” — a claim John Amos has repeatedly denied. According to the actor’s longtime publicist, John Amos was hospitalized at the time but was recovering after doctors successfully drained some fluid from his lower body.

Shannon Amos also alleged that her brother no longer had the authority to make medical decisions for their father. She issued a press release defending herself and speaking out against her brother as the Custer County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado continued to investigate allegations of elder abuse.

Then, K.C. Amos posted a TikTok of his father saying that before entering the hospital, he “had some ongoing issues” with his daughter who he felt “has taken advantage of me.”

“She’s the one that I would attribute my elderly abuse to,” he added.

However, a rep for Shannon Amos said that John Amos said he “did not recall any of the statements he previously made regarding the issue.”

In July, K.C. Amos was arrested in New Jersey on suspicion of making “terroristic threats” against his sister amid the siblings’ public dispute. Shannon Amos reported that her brother had threatened to kill her and raised concerns about “the immediacy of the threat and the likelihood that it would be carried out,” per a complaint obtained by People.

On Sunday, TMZ reported that LAPD officials were looking into allegations of neglect regarding the care of the actor and Shannon Amos’ claims, noting that she recently called Adult Protective Services to allege her father was battling health issues and that her brother wasn’t getting him proper care. TMZ also reported that the actor was recently hospitalized after a routine check-up, but that Amos confirmed that all was well in a phone call with the outlet.

In a Monday statement to The Times, Shannon Amos alleged that Amos’ health issues “have been downplayed despite multiple hospitalizations” under her brother’s care.

“People think this is about money and rivalry … it is not,” she said in the statement. “We went through this before with my Mother, who also suffered tremendous neglect. We are trying to prevent the same thing from happening to my Father. I love my brother and I hope he will get the help he needs, but we need to prioritize the safety of my father who is vulnerable, first and foremost. Anything else can be addressed within our family.”

The statement also said that concerns have been raised by caregivers and family, leading to reports to Adult Protective Services.

“Mr. Amos has been forcibly cut off from all family members, friends, inner circle, and business associates. It is crucial to emphasize that this is not a sibling rivalry, as falsely reported,” the statement said.


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