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TV5MONDE USA celebrates Pride with special LGTQ+ focused special

Join TV5MONDE USA this month in celebrating Pride with LGBTQ+ focused specials now airing linear on TV5MONDE USA and streaming on TV5MONDEplus. Pride month programming includes Les Meilleures and A Good Man on TV5MONDEplus.  

Les Meilleures – Streaming now on TV5MONDEplus (Drama – English ST) 

Nedjma is spending her days hanging out with her squad, a tight knit group of kids from the neighborhood, where everyone knows everyone. But the arrival of a new neighbor, the beautiful Zina, turns Nedjma’s universe totally upside down, overwhelms her heart, sends her into the throes of love, raises instinctive questions over her own identity, and places her at odds with those around her who set about dangerously amplifying everything on social media.

A Good Man – Streaming now on TV5MONDEplus (Drama – English ST) 

Benjamin and Aude want to have a baby, but when they find out that it is not possible for Aude to conceive, Benjamin comes up with a plan to solve their dilemma – Benjamin interrupts his sex reassignment surgery to carry and birth the child his partner wants so badly but cannot carry themselves.

Rassemblance— Streaming now on TV5MONDEplus (Documentary Series  – English ST) – TV5MONDE Co-Production

Breaking down stereotypes, clichés and preconceived ideas, whatever the culture, nationality, sexual orientation, social background… Recounted by Magloire, through his story and the interwoven portraits of others, the series “Rassemblance” shows that integration is possible, that difference is an advantage for the common good, helping us to live together better.

These programs, along with more features, are available for viewers on TV5MONDE USA and TV5MONDEplus this month. For information visit

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