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New on DVD: Spice up movie night with ‘Dune: Part Two’

Tribune News Service (TNS)

The resumption of an epic sci-fi saga tops the DVD releases for the week of May 14.

“Dune: Part Two”: Director Denis Villeneuve continues his adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic novel with this sequel that follows Paul Atreides on Arrakis as he becomes one with the Fremen and accepts his destiny. Starring Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Bardem, Austin Butler and more.

“This film is a spectacular feat of science-fiction filmmaking, marrying immersive world-building with engrossing storytelling,” writes Tribune News Service critic Katie Walsh in her review. “But it is also a simple story about destiny, with which Paul wrestles, wondering if he can jump off a wheel of fate that churns unrelentingly.”


“Imaginary”: In this Blumhouse horror flick, a woman discovers that her imaginary childhood friend is in fact very real and very angry about being abandoned.

“One Life”: The true story of Sir Nicholas Winton, a British stockbroker who saved hundreds of Czechoslovakian children from the Holocaust. With Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter.

“Land of Bad”: When a special forces team is ambushed, they must rely on an Air Force drone pilot to guide them through enemy territory in this action thriller starring Liam Hemsworth and Russell Crowe.

“The American Society of Magical Negroes”: A young man is recruited him into the titular secret group, with a stated mission of making white people comfortable to keep the balance of the universe in order, in this comedy.

“A Home for the Holidays”: In this Colorado-set romance film, a woman buys a run-down house only to have the property’s old owner return with his son. 

“Destroy All Neighbors”: Comedy horror flick about a musician who has a neighbor who may literally be from hell.

“My Adventures With Superman: Season 1”: Look! Up in the sky! It’s the Man of Steel as a 20-something superhero making a name for himself in Metropolis in this Adult Swim animated series.

“Noryang: Deadly Sea”: In the third and final chapter of an epic nautical trilogy, a legendary Korean admiral faces his final fight in a high-stakes naval battle in the 16th century.

“Once Upon a Time in the West”: Director Sergio Leone’s monumental Western classic celebrates its 55th anniversary, fully restored and available on 4K Ultra HD for the first time.

“Peeping Tom”: British filmmaker Michael Powell’s 1960 thriller joins the Criterion Collection with a new 4K digital restoration.


“The Tiger’s Apprentice”: Based on the popular children’s book series by Laurence Yep, this coming-of-age tale boasts mystical characters, laugh-out-loud comedy and pulse-pounding action. The voice cast includes Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, Bowen Yang, Greta Lee, Brandon Soo Hoo and more.

“The Coffee Table”: The purchase of the titular piece of furniture proves the undoing of a couple in this Spanish horror comedy.


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