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New on DVD: Beware hidden horrors of taking ‘Night Swim’

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A supernatural thriller centered on a haunted swimming pool tops the DVD releases for the week of April 9.

“Night Swim”: A family moves into a new home, not suspecting the frights that lurk in the hidden deeps of their backyard pool. With Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon.

“The new house, somewhere in the Twin Cities, bodes well at first, but the evil pool starts dropping hints early and often,” writes Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips in his review. “A mysterious battery-operated toy boat appears on the pool’s surface, puttering around on its own. Unseen or barely glimpsed creatures from the beyond — human, or formerly so — yank adults and children alike into the water. The idea in ‘Night Swim,’ directed by second-time feature director Bryce McGuire from a script he wrote with Rod Blackhurst, hinges on the sinister underwater realm beneath the spring-fed pool itself.”


“Lisa Frankenstein”: This colorful spin on the Frankenstein myth finds a teenage misfit falling for a reanimated hunk.

“It’s a Wonderful Knife”: This comedy horror flick takes a stab at seeing what would happen if the woman who stopped a crazed killer had never been born.

“Doom Patrol: The Complete Fourth Season”: The final season of Max’s TV series centered on the unfairly maligned DC superhero team.

“Fallen Leaves”: Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki’s romantic comedy is a bittersweet, reflective tale laced with deadpan humor.

“Finestkind”: Crime thriller about two brothers who get mixed up with Boston’s criminal underworld. Starring Ben Foster, Toby Wallace, Jenna Ortega and Tommy Lee Jones.

“SkyMed: Season Two”: Return to the skies with this Paramount+ medical drama following the exploits of air ambulance nurses and pilots.

“Which Brings Me to You”: Rom-com in which two wedding guests halt their hookup and share the messy stories of their lives instead.

“Picnic at Hanging Rock”: Peter Weir’s 1975 classic about a group of Australian girls and their teacher who disappear during an outing enjoys a new 4K digital restoration from the Criterion Collection.


“The Wild”: Following his release from prison, a former boxer becomes entangled in a feud between an old friend, a corrupt cop and a drug smuggler in this Korean crime thriller.

“Ennio”: Documentary film exploring the life and accomplishments of prolific film composer Ennio Morricone, who provided music for iconic spaghetti Westerns and much more.

“Glitter & Doom”: In this musical romance set to the hits of the Indigo Girls, a carefree circus performer and struggling musician try to balance love and business.


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